“Albert Einstein remarked that the eternal mystery of the world is its intelligibility. True religion fastens to this element of intelligibility and creates a system of though and action which leads to true harmony and bliss. And it is indeed so with Jainism.”

Jainism is one of the oldest living religions of the world the term jina means the devotee of Jinas ( Spiritiual victors). Jinas are called so because they have won victory over passions of attachments, aversion etc. that defile the soul. As a result they have attained OMNISCINENCE (Kewal Gyan) and Supreme Bliss. They are enlightened human teachers and are also called Tirthanakaras. In every half cycle of time , there flourish twenty four Tirthankars. The twenty forth Tirthankar of the present half cycle time is VARDHMAN known as MAHAVIR

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